Saturday, December 9, 2017

Get Kids Crafty ~ December Blog Hop ~ Fun with S'mores!

Hello! Happy Saturday to you! 
Today, I am getting crafty with my kiddos and joining the December Blog Hop with Get Kids Crafty! When I asked the kids if they'd like to join for this month's theme, they got super excited! We have a couple of things to share with you. Be warned though, there are a lot of pictures! I hope you have some fun seeing the crafts that we made because I know my kids had a blast making them!

~ S'mores Ornament ~

The first craft that we decided to do was a S'mores Ornament. This ornament is made out of popsicle or craft sticks.  We started out with 8 craft sticks that the kids painted with acrylic paints.

They painted 3 sticks white for the marshmallow, 1 stick dark brown for the chocolate, and 4 sticks a light brown for the graham crackers.

 We talked about the importance of having scrap paper under our project so that we didn't get paint on the table (I'll admit, I was a little nervous... the kids usually paint with washable paints).

We also talked about keeping the paint to our projects and not on our clothes. Once our sticks were painted, we set them aside to dry. Sadly, I am missing a few pictures for the next couple of steps. I think they were deleted by little fingers. Anywho, the kids and I wrapped a little twine around a couple craft sticks that we had cut down to be support pieces to back the ornament. I then used a hot glue gun to secure the twine to the support pieces. We laid down our support sticks and I added hot glue to each piece while the kids built their s'more. In this step, we decided to just use 2 craft sticks for our 'graham crackers'.

Once we had the s'more built we set it aside so the glue could cure. Which was a great time to learn what the term cure means when you're referring to glue. The kids thought it was funny, like the glue was sick. They learned something new. 

The next day, we were ready to add googly eyes and our smiles. We used googly eyes that I got from Fun Stampers Journey during last Halloween. The kids thought it was funny to give their ornaments more than two eyes... so I guess we have S'mores Monster ornaments. Ha! I was hoping to share a picture of the ornaments on the tree, but... our tree isn't up yet so... yeah.

~ Watercolor Handprint Campfire Art ~

Our next project was a fun little art project combining a couple of different ideas we saw online. 

This time it was epic fail for Mom because I forgot about taking pictures when Saydee was adding Color Burst pigment to the watercolor paper. Oops... but we did get pictures after. She really loves to watercolor so she was super excited to use Mom's 'little bottles' - as she called them. I think her watercolor turned out so pretty!

I did approach this part of the project with the kids separately. It was just a better way to control the mess for this OCD mama! In any case, Sym also had fun doing this part of the project. The pigment powder didn't cooperate with him so he ended up whacking the bottle. He sprayed a lot more water on his paper and got a totally different look from Saydee's. We let our watercolors dry overnight and then we traced and cut out our paper hands. We were able to get 3 hands from each paper.

The kids picked some green and blue paper for the background of their campfire and we cut up 'logs' from some brown paper.

Now it was time to glue everything. We used plain old glue sticks for this.... and managed to get glue everywhere so that was fun. We did discover that the glue stick was not strong enough to hold down the watercolor paper. So we used some Mono Multipurpose glue to make sure our paper hands stuck.

Our Watercolor Handprint Campfire Masterpieces!

We sure hope that you've enjoyed seeing our projects for the Get Kids Crafty December Blog Hop! We had so much fun making them!

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See ya next time.
~ Crystal


  1. Oh my gracious, these are great projects!! I love how excited your kids were doing them too! So precious! And your monster s'mores are the best!! I will be saving these projects for later! Thank you for joining us! We hope to hop with you again! xo

    1. Thank you so much, Marcia! And thank you for the invite to hop along with you all! The kids were super excited to get crafty!

  2. So Cute! What a great use of supplies. I love how you made the Popsicle sticks look like S'mores just by coloring them brown and white, great idea. And their hands as the fire, brilliant. Good Job everyone!


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